Guard Unit capabilities are rooted in deep military expertise, hybrid operations experience, innovative technology development and integration work, and unique training skills.

Guard Unit specializes in creating a culture of innovation and adaptation through competition. We work collaboratively with our clients to leverage their human capital to predictively emulate threat force actions and provide a competitive environment in which our clients can learn and adapt.

Our team utilizes their expertise to ensure that our clients have the best training in a range of domains, including: emerging and adaptive force approaches; irregular force approaches; cyber and information operations approaches; local operations approaches; innovative management approaches; and other custom training areas. We strive to illuminate emerging battlefield asymmetries, deliver a unique view of previously illusive adversary vulnerabilities, and provide our clients with direct feedback on current operations and approaches to prompt innovation in light of the adversarial realities.

Our training services include instructional courses, embedded advisor solutions, field exercises, experiments, technology demonstrations, and pre-deployment training activities. All of our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client considering echelons, regions, functions, time, and objectives, among other factors.

Training is normally conducted at the client’s location by our training team, which helps to keep costs down for clients. In addition, we can host training activities at our special dedicated United States training facility locations.

Additional Services:

Exercise Control

Guard Unit provides an experienced Senior Staff that provides direct management or advisory mentorship to exercise control functions specifically tailored to force on force exercises and experiments. Guard Unit provides proven expertise in representing higher HQs, Adversary functions, civilian functions and adjacent/host nation/allied nation nodes to an Exercise Control Center to ensure high fidelity force on force training for an assigned command echelon.

After Action Review

Guard Unit provides cutting edge after action reviews specifically matured to gain the most learning out of force on force training.  Utilizing a host of emergent technologies as capture tools and focusing on key decisions, Guard Unit provides world class learning tools mid-stride, after key decisions and after an event.  Guard Unit specifically organizes AARs to reach all echelons of a command with appropriate tactical socratic questioning as a basis for tech-enabled learning.  Guard Unit provides a very unique capability in that your Adversary Force provides a compelling perspective shaping any AAR.  Guard Unit's AAR process is specifically focused on creating a culture of innovation and learning in any sized organization.

Scenario design

Scenario Design

Guard Unit provides expert scenario design capabilities to ensure your force on force exercise or experiment are directly tied to commander's objectives. Developing appropriate "sidelines" and "rule books" are critical to successful force on force operations, and are best done within the nuances of exercise design. High Fidelity training and experimentation that image US Forces through their future fight starts with a disciplined, yet creative approach to exercise design that Guard Unit provides.

Training Consultant

Guard Unit maintains a staff of military experts focused on emergent capabilities that often do not yet reside in US Forces.  From Manned / Unmanned Teaming, Unmanned Systems, emergent tactics, commercial tech integration, and Information Warfare, Guard Unit can provide cutting edge training experts to teach, coach and mentor any echelon of your command.  Whether you need junior NCOs steeped in Sub Terrain operations, or Command Groups learning distributed operations, Guard Unit can task organize a team to meet your needs.

Training consultant
Sevices Role players

Role Players

Guard Unit believes that all US Forces should experience dozens of high-fidelity live operations before they experience their first actual combat operation. Because of this, Guard Unit has staffed and organized to manage and employ role players to best reflect your operating environment. Whether they be civilians on the battlefield, criminal elements, host nation forces, NGOs and PVOs, or even adjacent friendly units, Guard Unit is experienced in providing the human talent to create your high fidelity operating environment.

Cultural Advising

Guard Unit is comprised of cross-culturally competent leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Focusing best on how to identify power structures in any culture, Guard Unit can not only prepare your unit to deploy to a specific region, Guard Unit can teach you the means to quickly gain empathy  (not to be confused with sympathy) for your adversary which enables faster adaptation in a competitive environment.

Sevices Cultural advising
Services Drone Tech

Technology Integration

Guard Unit is uniquely positioned to support technology integration. Whether you are a tech developer that wants to match your tech with a concept in conjunction with live force on force training, or you are a military unit that desires integration of COTS technology, Guard Unit remains on the front edge of emergent tech integration and complete feedback to promote rapid tech iteration.