Adaptive Threat Force

GUnit ATF reg


Provide a Red Team, Red Cell and Live Adversary Force capability that reflects a realistic, adaptive, and cohesive adversary / civil environment ISO experimentation during concept development, wargames, CPXs, technical assessments, simulations and exercises in order to strengthen experimental hypotheses and objectives.



Red Team - ICON 2 (4)

A Red Team is chartered from the beginning of concept development through live force experimentation.  Their principle capability is to challenge assumptions through a variety of cultural lens, provide alternative perspectives and strengthen the concept when viewed from a potential adversary’s perspective.



Red Cell - ICON 3 (1)

A Red Cell executes a specified adversary course of action against a proscribed friendly course of action to determine asymmetric and conceptual weaknesses in the friendly plan. This capability is best used in wargames, experimental design and live force experimentation.


LAF - ICON 1 (1)

This force incorporates aspirational adversary aspects learned from Red Teams and Red Cells into an execution arm. Its sole purpose is to challenge experimental hypotheses and objectives with a realistic, thinking and adaptive threat force, according to the character of the adversary described in the concept. This is not only useful for live force experimentation, but provides a high fidelity adversary to challenge emerging technology in limited technical assessments.